Best cleaning hacks for your car at home

How a person keeps their car says a lot about them. Keeping a neat and clean car may seem easy to some people but it is also important to note that many people still think that washing and waxing a car is a luxury and not necessary. It has been experimentally demonstrated that having a spotless vehicle satisfies you and keeps you happy.

You can also increase the life of a vehicle and therefore protect its worth longer if you keep it clean. Invest wholeheartedly in your vehicle and keep it clean. In case you planned to sell your car in future regular cleaning of the car’s interior and exterior can preserve its resale value. Seriously, taking care of your car doesn’t need to be overwhelming or take loads of time when there are plenty of car cleaning hacks and tips out there.

Clean up pet’s hair

If you have pets that you take in your car frequently, and you’re tired of seeing their hair build-up, don’t worry all you need is a small spray bottle of water and a hand squeegee. Take a spray bottle with plain water in it. Simply shower the water on the seats, and then squeegee the seats.

All the hair will be up in seconds. It’s a great way to gather pet fur up and get rid of it easily. You can also use a balloon to collect pet fur, blow up a balloon and rub it around in the car to create static electricity. This will help take away all the pet fur from car seats.

Clean your car’s floor mats

Use a spray stain remover to clean your floor mats. All you need to do is take the carpeted mats up, spray stain remover on them, and then put them in the washing machine with laundry detergent and you’re perfect. Spray stain remover will remove all the stains from the car mats.

Clean vents with Silica gel

Air vents are very important. To make sure that you stay comfortable and that your air quality is good, take silica gel to get out all of the dust. Because of silica gel’s natural malleability, you can use it to pick up any dust and dirt in your car’s hard to reach crevices without making a mess. You can also use it to pick up the dirt and grime in between all the buttons.

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Clean grimy windshields with cola

This is because of the fact that cola has a lot of acid in it which is good for breaking down rust. All you need to do is spray it, wait, and wipe it off of the rusty part of your car. The acid in the cola will fizz away the grime. Just make sure to wash the sticky cola off properly otherwise all your cleaning efforts will end up creating more dirt.

Clean the inner windshield by mixing a teaspoon of dishwashing soap into some lukewarm water and a drop of white vinegar. Put a cloth into the mix and wipe the windshield and your windshield is clean now.

Scent Car with essential oils

Your vehicle might be stinky, so what do you do? Utilize essential oils to make your vehicle smell stunning. Take a wooden clothespin, splash a lot of essential oils on it, and stick the clothespin in your air vent. Here you have a low cost, good smelling car freshener alternative

Buff your dashboard with kerosene

If you wish to keep your fiber dashboard clean, you could dab in some kerosene on a cloth and wipe the dashboard. This will add some incredible sparkle on the dashboard and will also wipe away the grime from the crevices of the dashboard. Scouring it into your scramble will keep it looking clear and it will help keep some moisture in the material that way, after some time, it’s more averse to crack or break.

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