How To Scrap Cars In Environmentally Safe Ways?

Many of us share a passion for shielding the earth’s environment by using ever more “green” behaviors and technologies.  Now many scrap car dealers are also adopting more eco-friendly processes and materials in an effort to take care of the environment. There are many green practices now being used at an auto body repair shop in our surroundings.

Auto recycling centers have to abide by the strict policy which makes their processes ethical and environmentally friendly. So, the process of scrap car recycling and removal, not only beneficial for the environment directly but also contributing to a business that follows the same values as you.

The process of scrapping cars has been changed and these significant changes mainly due to the World Wide Web and government regulations. Today, there are numerous options to drive this scrap car onto its final journey.

Now have a look at below mentioned few points that how to scrap cars in environmentally safe ways.

Scrap Cars Recycling.

The recycling companies take the old car and separate the hazardous metals first. They also make sure this thing that these metals do not end up in a landfill. The next process is to start the paperwork of motor vehicles and get a certificate of destruction.

This official document ensures that the car has really been destroyed and it has not been misused for any other purpose. So always select a legally accountable company. For this, you need to make sure that the recycling company is valid and registered by the boards.

Crash Mending Shops are recycling the Old Car Parts:

When a car has been involved in an accident, there are parts that need to be replaced, and old ones that must be disposed of. Many years ago these parts ended up clutter landfills by releasing harmful chemicals into the surrounding areas but now, auto body shops routinely send used equipment to recycling centers, including scrap metals like aluminum and steel, Batteries, Radiators, Tires & wheels and many more.

These materials are being recycled and then reuse again by auto substitute parts and paint suppliers.  In the end, the Earth stays healthier.

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Eco-Friendly Automobile Body Paints:

A decade ago the car body shops used solvent-based paints and varnishes but today, more and more collision mend shops use earth-friendly waterborne paint systems for automobiles. Water-based paints provide vibrant colors, meet OEM industrial unit standards, and result in tough acrylic paint finishes that shield well.

Other advantages of green painting methods include better air quality for the refurbish technicians and environment, Reduce hazardous squander amount, Lower costs because no additives or hardeners are requisite. So only remember that car needs collision repairs, ask the shop first if they are aware of modern technology that saves the environment.

Composition of typical Vehicles.

The composition of typical vehicles has been changed significantly in recent years. There are few examples, ferrous metal (the metal which contains iron) content has decreased considerably but more plastic materials are included because they are lighter and more fuel competent.

Passenger automobiles are an outstanding example of complex multi parts of user products. The average vehicle is assembled from approximately ten thousand parts of which there are a large number of different types of equipment.


Mostly vehicles have a skinny layer of tin over them which prevents the motor vehicle from rusting. This is great. However, it is not necessary when a vehicle is being scrapped and recycled, and so the thin layer of tin has been removed.

This is done by a process called detaining and happens by placing the scrap vehicle in a hot caustic soda solution which dissolves the tin coating. When it has been done, the tin can be recovered in a variety of ways which includes evaporation and crystallization.

Recycling companies must be aware of the complete dissolving process that could not make harm the environment.

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