Why is Car Maintenance important?

Why is Car Maintenance important

In this modern era, automobiles are like a basic necessity of daily work for almost every household because, now, it’s not just considered as a luxury that only the upper class could have rather each household is an owner of an automobile. Apart from that, an automobile is not just specifically for transport, which is … Read more

What is brake fade?

What is brake fade

The car’s brake system is the most demanding one among all others. A properly functioning brake system reduces the risk of road accidents, injuries, and loss of life. Basically, the brake is a concept or condition in which the vehicle can not stop moving even when the brakes are applied. We apply brakes by pushing … Read more

Tips for improving gas mileage

Tips for improving gas mileage

A car has become one of the most fundamental necessities in modern life. Whether you use it for the daily commute to the office or to enjoy on weekends with the family all becomes convenient with a vehicle available. Unfortunately, it gets frustrating when you have to spend on its maintenance and along with that, … Read more

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