What is brake fade?

The car’s brake system is the most demanding one among all others. A properly functioning brake system reduces the risk of road accidents, injuries, and loss of life.

Basically, the brake is a concept or condition in which the vehicle can not stop moving even when the brakes are applied. We apply brakes by pushing the brake pedal to the ground. It seems like its working well but the brakes do not apply on the power wheels, thus the car is unable to stop.

Brake id actually due to lesser friction between the “shoe & drum” or the disc rotor. The main cause up till now is the extremely high temperature.

Friction pads:

Two materials combine to form a friction pad. Those materials are sintered metals & organic materials. Organic braking pads consist of phenolic wax that plays the function of binding the other components present in the pad.

These components often have some temperature limitations. When they exceed the temperature, they begin to degrade. The materials with great friction start boiling when they exceed the optimum temperature. Aside from boiling they also form a gas. While that gas results in the drift of the pads over the disc present. It happens due to the “backpressure” that gas results in. It prevents the effect of coming from the brake caliper.  Which results in rotor disk and brake pads separation.

Kinds of brake fade:

Green brake fade:

This is the most common kind of brake fade chiefly when new brake pads are installed. When the brake pads are replaced, some of its fractioned components might not have planted in front of the rotors. It lesser friction and causes long term car stopping when brakes are applied.

Bedding in the brake system is very important whenever a new rotor or brake pad is planted. The same is case drum brake and shoe renewal. Some material has to transfer from friction compound to the rotor. Normally bedding takes the drive of 500 miles.

Dynamic fade:

Dynamic fade is not as normal as green fade. It’s an extremely crucial condition that should be fixed as sooner as possible. The main cause of dynamic brake fading is not using appropriate brake pads in the car. It might be possible that you have chosen right brake pads but your driving style doesn’t suit it.

It can also occur because of the “caliper drag”. This happens due to improper maintenance of the braking caliper. If an excess of grime or dirt is embedded in the sliding pins. The pins don’t discharge the caliper to reach out rotor.

Brake fluid fading:

In addition to green fade and dynamic fade, there is another type of brake fade called brake fluid fade. The application of brakes pushes the calipers onto the rotors. It might result in heating up the calipers.

As brake fluid is inside calipers, the fluid will also heat up. This results in the making of bubbles within the brake cylinders. Air bubbles lesser the brake functioning. because air is much compressible than the corresponding fluid.

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Reduce the occurrence of brake fade:

Brake fade normally occurs whenever brake components are replaced. It’s a very crucial issue especially when you are driving your car at high speeds.

Things to do in case of brake fade:

It can happen at any instance of time. The car alarm you in any way when your car is about loose it’s braking power. While you are driving and you face any kind of brake fade go of the brake (downshift). It makes the derivation slow by itself. Don’t stop downshifting until you feel safe to stop the car. Give brakes some time for cooling down.

Do not touch any part of the brake and wheel during the cooling procedure. They have an extremely hot surface at that time. Once you feel like the surface is completely cooled you can continue driving again. Try to restart your vehicle in the lowest possible gear.

We assume this article was handy to you. now as you are aware all the kinds and details of brake fade, you can easily take all the necessary precautions and can face any type of brake fade (God-forbid) without much worrying.

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