Best Car Rental Technologies

The car rental sector has undergone a remarkable transformation from the last few years. Shifts in customer behavior coupled with new technologies and the smartphone revolution have seen the rise of new subsets in the ground transportation sector. Ride-hailing, ridesharing &carpooling industries have joined car rental, rail and bus in this sector digital-first and forcing current players to innovate.

Today’s customers want fast and frictionless resolutions to satisfy their travel needs. As the new entrants in main ground transportation are innovating intensely to capture a larger share of this market, failure to adapt by the car rental sector could put a dent in this market. So how car rental companies are embracing technological advances to stay relevant and can the benefits of such expertise touch both operative processes and customer experience? Here are few best technologies which can be helpful for the industry.

1: Connected car technology:

Connected car technology is anew catchword, in simple meaning, shift to demand more mobility and flexibility. The benefits to consumers are clear and to operations, the positives can also be seen in terms of progress in the back end.

Connected technology allows the companies clear insight into how many cars they have, where they are and current status of the vehicle. All of this facilitates vehicle retrieval and asset management and in the future will minimize the likelihood of vehicle failures thanks to predictive diagnostic technology.

New business models are being created to connected car technology. In today’s market, consumers usually collect a vehicle from an airport or a chosen facility at limited off-airport locations. But with remote access technology, the potential for new corporations between rental companies and hotels, for instance, is further extending the car rental footprint.

2: The smartphone Revolution:

The smartphone has primarily reshaped the hospitality sector. Clients are using apps to view and book riding for holidays on the go and the car rental industry is releasing that the future is mobile-driven. Now it is believed that the coming future will be mobile-driven.

In many cases, apps are already working as a lens through which can it can experience the brands we deal with and in the future, every business communication will be driven through smartphone technology.

Most of the car rental companies are innovating to reinvent rental by putting customers at the center and providing ways to make their rental experience better. Recent mobile apps have the functionality to select a price point, make and model of car, extras like GPS, bike racks, internet service, and then allow users to make their booking.

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3: Biometric data recording:

The additional protective measure that has been introduced by the rental car companies is biometric data recoding from customers. It is a collaboration with the police forces; procedures are now in place at many desks to record a thumbprint of a customer to save an electronic record is taken of their details.

This has mainly been a response to high numbers of thefts by prearranged crime syndicates who use false documents to hire cars. The footage of thumbprints means that if a theft does occur it is conceivable to hand over the information to the police and speed up any tracing measures.

4:  Easy Rent Pro:

It is a free car rental software that works as a multi-language car rental solution. Rental car service provider companies can use this tool. Users can run their car rental business with this cloud-based software.

This user-friendly car rental solution has been considered as one of the world’s leading provider of vehicle hire software. The consumer can streamline their daily operations with this software. For single or multiple locations, this app can manage any number of vehicles.

The users can have an idea about vehicle availability, vehicles on the rent, and the record of new cars that will become more famous among peoples due to a quick lookup feature. With this tool, a person can manage his multi-location car rental business. It provides high standard quality customer service and allows running a car rental business faster and more professionally with the help of more centralized control.

5: Book Rides Online:

This online service serves as the web-based reservation management that is designed for small to midsize transportation companies. It also helps the administrators of the transportation companies.

It enables the companies to reserve, schedule, and manage services with the help of an integrated merchant account and online reservation module. This is a reliable platform that can easily manage by the drivers, vehicles, reservations, and clients quickly and efficiently. The transportation businesses can operate from anywhere by making use of this spontaneous and accessible portal designed tool.

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