How To Sell Unregistered Car in Victoria

how to sell unregister car in Victoria

There are actually a few reasons a car seller can sell his car without getting it registered and one of those is when the car was able to meet an accident it is registered from another state. Well, if you are selling an unregistered car in Victoria, here are a few tips and ideas I’ve made on how you can easily find a buyer for it:

Cancel the registration

After you have decided to sell your car even if it is an unregistered one, you can cancel the process of registering your car and what you only have to do is to provide all the necessary information of your car and these are the:

  • Owner of the unregistered car
  • Address of the owner
  • Driver’s license number of the car’s owner
  • Make and model of the car
  • Plate of the car or the vehicle registration number
  • If your car was able to meet an accident that’s why you are cancelling its registration then you must note the date of the said accident

If you aren’t the owner of the car and you are just being asked to cancel the registration of the car in behalf of the owner, the authorized person should bring a letter of authority from the car’s owner with the signature of the owner and the complete Authority to act as an agent form.

Get a permit

Since you are selling an unregistered car, it is a must that you would get a permit for it and aside from the permit; you should also get a CTP or the Compulsory Third Party which will support you all throughout the journey of selling your car.

Provide a receipt

A receipt is actually a must when you are selling a car and this receipt should provide all the needed information such as:

  • The date when the car is sold
  • The name and address of the seller just in case there are any issue with the car aside from it being an unregistered car then the buyer can easily find the seller
  • The information of the car like the VIN, make and model, and the engine and chassis number of the car

Make a safety certificate

If you are able to finally sell your unregistered car, you must make a safety certificate where you can state everything the buyer should know and that includes the following:

  • The signature of both the seller and the buyer of the unregistered car
  • After you are able to make this safety certificate, don’t forget to let the buyer sign the papers for your assurance that he won’t use your car’s status against you and you yourself are also required to sign the certificate.
  • The vehicle information number (VIN), the chassis number and as well as the engine number
  • The information of the car
  • This information would include the make, model, and manufacturing year of your sold car.
  • Date of the sale of the unregistered car

If both of you have already agreed with everything that has written in the certificate and you have also signed it then you should secure a copy of the certificate for the both of you. You may attain this through a photocopy for your own records.

You might feel that the entire process is tiring and hassle then, you can just hire or find for a dealer who will definitely arrange everything for you. There are actually a lot of car dealers out there and you just have to find the one that could answer all your problems from selling your unregistered car.

Yes, we can find a difference when it comes to selling a registered and unregistered car but with the right tips and determination, you can surely find a great deal for your unregistered car and finally receive the money you’ve earned from your hard work.

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