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We made it easy to sell you used or unwanted vehicle no matter in what condition. Our friendly staff will visit you for vehicle inspection & quote you best price in the market. Still unsure about filling your details? Just give us a call and we will explain you full process.

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Top Cash for Used Trucks

People tend to haul away their Used Trucks to the used car buyers Melbourne. We Offer Our customers top cash for their Used Trucks because we are gold mines filled with great parts to recycle. Many are great vehicles for reuse. Often, the old Trucks are turned into scrap metal, but they are good for other purposes. In fact, reusing vehicles and their parts is a very eco-friendly move.

Used car buyers Melbourne who are looking to save top cash should visit Our local junk yard or salvage yard in Melbourne for parts. It is a fact that most people simply ignore this prime opportunity to save cash and contribute to an Eco-friendly environment that uses scrap metal or seeks vehicles for reuse.

Cash For Used Trucks

Free Used Car Removal in Melbourne

When you’re thinking “It’s time to sell my Used car“, call us and get the best price for your used, vintage, sports or American Muscle car or truck. Sell your used car to us and not only get fast cash, but you also avoid the hassles of private deals that could expose you to check fraud, bank holds and other problems with less than trustworthy buyers.

used car buyers Melbourne buys vintage cars, trucks and other vehicles of interest, like that unfinished project car or the old heap that’s taking up space in your yard or garage. Maybe you just inhertited an estate and need to sell the cars? We can definitely help there. We professionally handle all  paperwork for you, even if you can’t find the title. We have ready cash for all cars. For over 30 years, we have been buying all kinds of vehicles from Melbourne. That’s because we have ready buyers interested in your old, worn out, classic, antique, sports or muscle car, and they know that we are licensed used car buyers Melbourne.

Used Car Buyers Melbourne Service Areas

Sell your truck, Van or SUV for fast cash today. We pay cash for trucks like the Ford F150, Dodge Ram, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Japanese Tundra and Tacoma, old or new, large or compact, running or not.

Sell your Range Rover, Mercedes ML, Ford Explorer, GMC Denali, Westfalia, Jeep Rubicon, Grand Cherokee or other Sport Utility Vehicle and get paid on the spot! We buy vans and work trucks also.

We buy Used cars from all over Melbourne. Why wait? Call us now and get fast cash for your used car today.